Analog Gif Box

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Use light to bring your images to life! Bright LEDs in a cardboard box pulse opposite of one another because of an inverter. The light shines through a slide and projects one image from two different angles, thus animating it.

How To Make It


Step 1. Start your project by assembling the circuit. Snap the Bits together in this order: power + pulse + bright led + wire + inverter + bright led.


Step 2. To create the the frame of the projector, download the attached file "Analog GIF Box_box template_14x17.pdf". Cut out the template. Use the template to cut the cardboard and fold the cardboard into a triangle box. Snap the circuit into the bits' feet cut out inside the box.


Step 3. To help the back of the GIF box stay up cut a base shape out of cardboard and attach the GIF box walls to it. We used balsa wood to create a track so you can easily take the cover off and put it back on. 


Step 4. Create your graphics! If you want to create the same graphics we used, download the attached file "Analog GIF Box_slide stencil_11x17.pdf". Use an x-acto to cut the outline of the graphic. But we'd love to see what kind of graphics you can come up with! For instance, a note to your family members, your pet's portrait or a personal signature tag.


Step 5. Measure the approximate size for the projection screen. Cut the right size from the rice paper sheet. Use double sided tape to attach it to the edges of the GIF box.


Step 6. The GIF Box works best in low light. So, find a dim environment, turn on the power, slide in your favorite graphic, and watch your little animation work! 

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