April Fools' Desk Hack

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Bring someone's desk to life with this April Fools' Prank.

How To Make It


Assemble your circuit: power + button + wire + fork. From each fork branch add a wire + timeout + pulse + vibration motor. 


Adjust the pulse and timeout Bits. The switch on the timeout Bit should be set to "off-on". You can use the screwdriver to adjust the length of time that the timeout will occur. Now when you push the button, the timeout will trigger the vibration motors to go off for the amount of time you set. Upon release of the button, the vibration motors will turn back on in sequence.


Tape the whole circuit secretly to the legs of the desk.


Attach vibration motors to the person's pen, trash can and drawer with dot tape. 


You can attach vibration motors to other belongings as well.Tape the whole circuit secretly to the legs of the desk.


Talk to the desk owner's neighbor and ask him/her to trigger the botton to start the circuit.


Make sure you set up a secret camera to capture your friend's reaction!

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