Atari punk console Bit

by juancahf

Published on January 18, 2017

Make an atari punk console module for the synth kit

This is a basic module for the synth kit, perfect for those who are begining to prototype their own modules (like me) using the hardware developing kit.

The APC circuit is a very popular design, it is often build as a self contained sound device with a speaker or a line out connection, but for the purpose of integration with the synth kit i was looking for an easy way to add an input of some sort.
I found the schematics for a mod to the circuit in the page called "Atari Punk Console with CV inputs". The only additional steps are two pin connections. I will not be providing the APC schematics because they are very easy to find doing a web search (like atari punk console 556), instead i will only show the modification it self.

Also, if any one is looking to use the perf module inside fritzing some one already designed the part, you can get it here.


Duration: 1-3 Hours


How To Make It


Connect the input pins Following the fritzing schematic the connections are made from the signal to pins 3 and 11 in the 556 Dual Timer IC. The output from the IC goes out from pin 9


Add the additional components This is how the perf module might look once the circuit is finished, if a sequencer bit is connected before the APC module it will send a signal to affect the sound. That's it. Enjoy.

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