Automatic Twister Turner

by andreanunez

Published on May 8, 2015

Ever have to not play with your friends because you have to be the turner? Not anymore!!! With this device, everyone can play! All you have to do is, stay silent and the spinner spins itself, and after a couple seconds, it stops. 

Credits: Youtube Video:

How To Make It


Little bits #1: Battery
Little bits #2: Sound trigger- The sound has to be sensitive, in order to make it sensitive then you turn a small dial on the piece to the positive side. 
Little bits #3: Inverter- The inverter is used so when you are silent, it'll cause it to turn. If there is any noise, it won't turn.
Little bits #4: Time out- For the Time out, turn the dial all the way to the negative side so it would be time specific. 
Little bits #5: Wire- To connect the timeout bit to the motor bit so the current goes into the motor bit.
Little bits #6: Motor with shoe- The Motor turns the turner on the board and the shoe connects onto the turner. 

How does a D.C. motor work? A D.C. motor switches  from direct current electrical power to mechanical power. This is possible, because of the magnetic fields from the power. The direction of current flow periodically changes in the motor. The speed can be controlled by changing the strength of the current. They are powered by direct-current power. Small DC motors are used in tools, toys, while bigger ones are used for appliances and electronics.

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