Big Hero 6 - The making of the Honey Lemon Chemball Purse and Helmet - using LittleBits #hackhalloween

by albaadventures

Published on October 26, 2015

Our kids convinced us that they wanted to be Baymax and Honey Lemon from Disney Pixar "Big Hero 6" for this Halloween. 

After looking at a number of costume stores, we noticed there was nothing of any quality that we would want to put our kids in. We did buy the Honey Lemon outfit from Party City but, the only things we used were the dress, bag strap, tights and part of the visor face mask.

As a family, we make costumes rarely and this by far was our most complicated to make. We stopped by the LittleBits store in SOHO and decided we would use the Radio, LED's and other cool controls that LittleBits has to give the Chemball Purse that extra bling. Our 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter (who wanted to be Honey Lemon and her brother Baymax 2.0 this year). assembled the project in the store and brought it home. Mom and Dad then got to work making the helmet and purse - which was harder than we thought.

We spent a fortune @Michaels department store on foam, clay paint etc. And through trial and error we made the Chemball Purse that lights up and dispenses balls just like Honey Lemons purse. We even made the helmet with cardboard, crayola modeling clay, Blick paint, Modge Podge and our sweat...

We hope you like how we did this and inspired you to make your own. We are looking forward to getting better at making costumes. With more LittleBits and Arduino tech. We actually have Baymax done now - with wings that move and light up LED's...

This was one our most favorite family projects to date!

Here is the making of the helmet too...


Honey Lemon



chemball purse




Alicia Alba, Sandro and Nevada Alba, Ray Alba - it was a family inspired project....

Watch out for the making of the Baymax costume.

How To Make It


Setting up the LittleBits inside the Honey Lemon Chemball Purse.... Pick up 2 power supply Bright LEDS Long LEDs Oscillator Button Time Out Wirless transmiiter Wireless reciever 2 wires Fork Assemble as follows in the image below. 1 - Connect the power to the button sensor 2- for space - connect the long wire to the the timeout sensor 3- Set the timeout as long as you want it. 4 - connect the timeout sensor to the Oscillator 5 - Set the oscillator to how you would like the lights to blink 6- connect the oscillator to the wireless transmitter 7 - on the 2nd board - connect the wireless receiver to its own power supply 8- connect the wireless receiver to the LED master channel - in this case it's 1 9- connect the 2nd set of leds to the wirless fork Set the ocillator to the light pattern you want. The light flickering time is determined by the timeout sensor. We have ours for a few seconds after pressing the button. And enjoy the light show.. We hope you are inspired.

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