BitCraft Chicken Cannon

by lizabits

Published on November 16, 2015

There is nothing better than a good chicken cannon in Minecraft. Except one that is triggered by littleBits button. After watching a few simple chicken cannon creations, but being disappointed with the view, I decided to create my own. I imprisoned the chickens in a high tower within two empty block spaces, then used sticky pistons to control their release. By activating the pistons with the littleBits, I was able to see chickens fly in their full glory. This is only a second prototype (documentation of the first is included :) and I look forward to all of you improving on my design. Please leave a comment with your ideas and critiques or post them in the Minecraft Bitster forum page. Happy crafting, bitsters!

How To Make It


Snap your circuit together


Connect your cloudBit Follow these instructions to connect your cloudBit to Minecraft:


We <3 redstone! This project uses redstone, so if you need a tutorial or refresher, check this one out:


Build the base of your cannon Construct two poles at least 8 blocks high. Create a base of 5x6 of your favorite block. I used glass, but would rethink this next time since it doesn't play well with redstone.


Place your sticky pistons and finish your cannon Place two sticky pistons on either end of the front of the base so they push towards each other. Place a glass block on the front of each. Next build a second layer of blocks on the perimeter of the rectangle so the sticky pistons are connected via blocks. Finally, build a third layer of blocks around the two interior blocks where you'll place the chickens.


Connecting the pistons to the cloudBit Place a cloudBit block on one of the back corners so the orange connector is facing the pistons. Make sure the cloudBit block it set to "receive." Place redstone down to connect the pistons to the cloudBit block, then test your circuit. If everything is working correctly, when you push the dimmer up, it will activate the redstone.


Load your cannon with chickens. Make sure the sticky pistons are CLOSED, then spawn a ton of chickens into the 1x2 block space. Close the top with a block (or two if you're using my design).

Picture 2


Launch the chickens! When you're ready to go, fly to a good vantage point, start a dramatic countdown, then move that slider! Watch them fly in all their chicken glory.

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