Bitwig (Hedwig)

by RonanLittleBits10

Published on January 2, 2017

This is a replica of Hedwig made using littleBits! This was made by RonanLittleBits10 and msmarystephhens. 

Remix inspiration: 

1. owl sounds

2. motor track on ceiling 

3. open/closing mouth 

4. swinging tail

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


Make the puppet thing. We used a Amazon box as the body, and left the top and back open. Cover the outside with white paper and feathers. Get creative! Every Bitwig will be unique! To make the wings cut triangles and glue for them onto servo hubs.


Add the LittleBits of awesomeness! Here's the layout: light wire to power bit is the first circuit. The next is power fork attach each end of the fork to a Bluetooth low energy bit and each BLE to a servo.


Make wing holes! Cut rectangles with an Exato knife to put the servos in. Tape if necessary. Attach the wings to the servos via the hubs taped/glued on the wings.


Bitwig needs a head! Make a head by using popping bubbles from packages. (The ones that pop really loudly work well). Cover it in paper or paper mache. Thread the light wire to make glowing eyes.


The finishing touches. Add LEGO for feet, and a paper nose. Add your own functions! Get creative and remix the world away!