Bubble Maker

by Toshitaka Amaoka

Published on April 23, 2014

Toshitaka Amaoka and Chris Mansfield participated in our workshop "Make Something That Does Something" with littleBits as part of ITP Camp. They made a sound-triggered bubble maker! Note: this project uses a littleBits sound trigger module that will be available in our store soon!

How To Make It


First, let's build the circuit: connect a 9V battery to the battery cable and then plug it into the littleBits power module. Make sure the black switch on the module is switched to "on"


Next, connect power to a sound trigger. Note: the sound trigger module will be available in the online store soon!


Then connect the sound trigger to a fan.


To build the wand structure, you will need a piece of balsa wood and a plastic cup. If you don't have balsa wood you can use cardboard.


Take a plastic cup and cut a hole in the bottom surface large enough to encompass the fan's blades.


Secure the fan on the balsa wood piece. Cut strips of balsa wood to help structure the fan just above the area of the wood. Note: the fan must have free area behind it so it can efficiently suck air in and blow it out.


Once the fan is secure, glue the bottom end of plastic cup (with hole) over the fan.


Then tape or glue the sound trigger and power module below the fan on the balsa wood.


Your bubble maker is almost ready! Mix liquid soap with water to create a liquid bubble mix.


Dip the rim of the plastic cup into the liquid bubble mix. Now it's time to make some noise and make bubbles! Shout, clap your hands, and have fun with your littleBits bubble maker!

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