Color fading RGB Led ball

by f.j2

Published on February 22, 2017

This is a fun and easy project for everyone.

3 colors are fading into each other in a never ending loop to create a wonderful atmosphere.


Duration: 30 minutes

How To Make It


Gather all parts Use 3 different colors of long small balloons. Drill 3 holes of 5 mm into a ping pong ball.


Assembling the long leds Stretch a balloon over the LED and secure it with iron wire, wrapped at the bottom of the LED. You need to stretch the balloon, otherwise the color will be too dark. Test it out before securing the wire. Cut excessive balloon to make it neat


Assembling the ball and circuit Put the 3 leds into the ping pong ball. Assemble the circuit as seen. Remove the middle jumper on the protobit. Insert a jumper wire in the middle top connection. Connect the other end of this wire in pin d10 of the arduino


Upload the code Upload the ino code into the arduino. Power up your circuit and see the ping pong ball changing color.