Cough Logger

by corycowgill

Published on January 2, 2015

My wife has a nasty cold and was coughing a lot. I was curious to know how many times a day she was coughing, and wondering how I could track her progress on getting better or if cough suppressants helped reduce her coughing.

The CloudBit and Sound Trigger are setup next to our bed. I adjusted the sensitivity of the sound trigger to only fire when my wife was coughing and not when we were talking.

Everytime my wife coughed it would fire the Sound Trigger input. The CloudBit would then broadcast that input as output via the CloudBit HTTP API to a REST endpoint on the Salesforce cloud.

I setup a Report on a custom object called "Cough". Using the CloudBit, SoundTrigger, CloudBit HTTP API and platform I was able to create a solution to monitor her coughs.

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