by Lollypop

Published on January 9, 2017

My invention is Crookshanks as a automatic night light. Crookshanks is a very kid friendly design. When the lights are out the cats head will rotate and the the lights will shine brightly depending how dark it is if its to light for you adjust it with the dimmer. When it becomes bright the night light will automaticly turn off. When its dark the night light will automaticly turn on.

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It


Make the circuit Follow the photo above to make the circuit.


Connect the motor Poke a hole in the top of a large plastic container. Poke the top of the motor and motor mate through the hole connect the motor to the top of the container with blue tac.


Connect the light Cut out a pice of cardboard the size of your plastic container. Then place you bargraph and bright led in the middle of the cardboard connect it with a rubber band. Than place blue tac on each corner of the pice of cardboard.


Connect the cardboard to the plastic. Connect the cardboard to the plaslic container be mindfull to keep the light sensor, bimmer, power, and battery out of the plastic and carboard box. Once you have done that pot the felt on follow the photo above.


Make the head Cut out a round pice of cardborad and blue tac orange felt on the carboard. Add in the details bellow connect them with blue tac.


Connecting the head Put a pice of blue tac on the top of the motor mate and connect the cats head to the motor mate. Now that you finished turn off the lights and see what happens.