by MathildaGarn

Published on May 18, 2018

Don't you ever worry about your cat impossible to feed himself where you're away from home ? Don't you ever worry about which cat eats in the bowl ? We found the solution.

Croq'cat is a creative way to make sure everything is doing well with your cat.s while you're away :

- a little speedwalk to bring the food from the container to the cat.

- a small camera which takes pictures every time the food goes down ; to see which cat is asking for it.

- a connected system to a news feed and dropbox.

Duration: 2h

How To Make It


Build the speedwalk. Assemblate all the components to match the picture. Then, put some elastics on it to build the speedwalk for the food.


Make the timer. Code and assemblate.


Assemblate all. Make the whole box.