EastCoast Chopper

by hirumi_littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

A pressure sensor controlled helicopter.

How To Make It


First, let's build the circuit! Take a power module and connect it it to a pressure sensor. Then add a bargraph > wire > servo motor. Make sure the tiny switch on the power module is turned to on.


Next, lets make our helicopter. Draw the aircraft on a piece of construction paper and cut it out, making sure you cut out a rectangle for the bargraph to show through.


Now we will need to build the propellers. Use popsicle sticks or cardboard and tape them to the head of the servo.


Next we will attach the circuit to the helicopter you cut out. Line up the circuit so that the bargraph shows through the window and tape the circuit in place from behind.


Now we will attach the propellor. Tape the body of the servo motor to the back of your helicopter.


Squeeze the pressure sensor and watch your chopper come to life!

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