Flickering Lantern

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Bring some light to the night with this glowing lantern! Make this project with your littleBits Starter Kit.

How To Make It


Let's begin by creating the circuit! Connect the following bits in this order: power + pulse + wire + rgb led


Use your little purple screwdriver to adjust the speed of the pulse. This will change the rate that your "flame" flickers.


Use your little purple screwdriver again to adjust the color of the rgb led.


After you have your circuit built, turn your cup upside down so that the wider part is on the table.


Next, measure the diameter of the two ends of your cup. We are going to cut rings out of cardboard to act as the top & base of your lantern.


Once you know the diameter of the top of your cup & the bottom of your cup, write them down. These measurements will are your 2 inner diameters.  


Now add 0.5" inch to your each inner diameters. This will provide a small lip around your lantern. These new measurements (with 0.5" added) are your 2 outer diameters.


Next, draw your two ring sizes on cardboard & cut them out. We cut out about 7 rings for our lantern's top & bottom, but you can cut out as many as you'd like!


You will need to cut out one more circle that is the same size as your lantern's base outer diameter. This time, we want to cut out a circle & not a ring. This circle will act as the bottom most piece of lantern that holds everything in.


Now, take your smaller cardboard rings and fit them on the top of your lantern (or the bottom of your cup). Use hot glue to keep them in place. If you'd like, you can also cut a handle out of cardboard and attach it now.


Take your larger cardboard rings and fit them on the bottom of your lantern (the opening of the cup). Place your Bits inside and then glue the base circle on the very bottom. You may want to cut a hole out of the base circle so that you can easily turn the powerBit on and off.


Almost done! Take pipe cleaners and twist them into an "X" shape to put around your lantern. This gives it a nice old-timey feeling.


All done - shine on with your littleBits flickering lantern!

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