GAME: 100 Mice!!!

by Anahit

Published on February 18, 2016

Are you a good cat? Can you catch all of the 100 mice? 
Test your reaction and see how many mice you can catch out of 100. There are three mice and three buttons. A random mouse will flash (LED ON) and you have to catch it by pressing the corresponding button. You have to be really quick, as the mouse will hide (LED OFF).
The game has 3 speed levels: first 1/3 of the mice will show up for 500 ms, next 1/3 for 400 ms, and the last 1/3 for 300 ms. It is reaaaally challenging!
Once you catch a mouse, the buzzer will sound and the counter will go up.
The game will end when all 100 mice are flashed. The number bit will show the total number of mice you have caught.

Duration: 3 days

Credits: Astghik(designer), Smbat

How To Make It


Customized littleBits Wire This project requires an extra output, so some soldiering will be required on your Arduino board to install extra pins. Plus one W1 Wire bit has to be cut and modified according to the picture. Please do not do it by yourself if you are not a specialist. You may damage your bits. Let me know if you have questions.


Assembly according to the pictures and program the software. Fasten the bits on the board with rubber bands.

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