#Hackpack with MUSIC!!!

by Phillip_1642

Published on September 16, 2015
We used the power of wireless tech with a speaker and a keyboard to create a work of techno musical art.....and tape. 

We use:
-P3 USB Power
-W7 Fork
-i30 Keyboard
-w12 Wireless Transmitter
-p1 power
-w11 wireless receiver
-i31 oscillator
- 024 synth speaker
- Painters tape and boards

Credits: Phillip and Justin

Duration: It took 1 hr and 20 min

Credits: Phillip Smith and Justin Marbach

How To Make It


Step 1: Build it As you can see above, there are two circuits, one is the musical board, the other is the controls. For the controls, you need to connect the P3 USB Power bit, the fork, the keyboard, and the transmitter together. Simple. For the second board, you need to connect the P1 power bit, the wireless receiver, the oscillator, and the synth to be connected.


Step 2: Attachment Attach the musical board to the back of your backpack using the painters tape. You could also sew it in if you are willing to drill some holes into the board. Then tape the controls to the backpack arm strap.


Step 3: Jam Now with your circuits in place, you can walk the halls or office space with some new/old style techno music.

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