Dudley Family Car

by Gavin805

Published on November 4, 2016

I built the Dudley family car using the Spin Roller.  My friend Geddes helped me make the chassis from a cardstock cutout of a car and construction paper. 

Duration: 1-2 hours

How To Make It


build the circuit We started off by connecting the battery to the p1 power. Next we added the bargraph and the w19 split. Then we added the Bluetooth Low Energy Bits to both sides of the split. Then we added the DC motors with the wheels attached to each ends of the circuit.


add the mounting board We put the battery, power, bargraph and split on the bottom and the rest of the circuit on the top of the mounting board. A really good tip: don't press down on the white boards, press down on the colorful bitsnaps. When you hear a click, you know it's in.


connect the BLE We connected the Bluetooth Low Energy Bits to our phone using the littleBits app.


build the chassis We made the chassis from cardstock and blue construction paper. We added white paper for the windows, wheels and roof and glued some foil pieces to make the headlights and back lights.


drive Using the littleBits app, we can drive our car by moving our phone.

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