Holiday Ornament

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Make this glowing ornament with the littleBits Holiday Kit! Check out the how-to video below where Krystal, littleBits industrial designer, explains how to make the Holiday Ornament.

How To Make It


Let's begin by creating the circuit! Connect the following bits in this orders: power+wire+light wire+pulse+bright led


Use the little purple screwdriver to adjust the speed of your pulse, this will affect how fast your bright led blinks.


Buy a big styrofoam ball and use a saw to cut it in half. Ask an adult for help! Then use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the insides.


Use acrylic paint to color your ornament!


Once you have your two halves of the ornament, place the bright led and light wire inside of your ball. Use a rubberband to keep the halves together. Then feed the light wire outside of ball so you can wrap it around the outside. Make sure your wire, power Bit, and 9V battery are outside of the ball - these will act as your hanging loop!


Now we will need some way to secure the light wire to the holiday ornament ball. We cut thin gauge wire and bent them in the shape of staples. Then stuck the staples into the foam, over the light wire, to keep it in place.


Now take scissors and cut your rubberband! Use staples again to keep the two styrofoam ball hemispheres together.


You are almost done! Time to make your hanging loop. Use a rubberband to make a loop shape with your 9V battery cable.


Turn on your powerBit and watch your holiday ornament blink & shine!

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