In or Out Sign

by The Nerdy Teacher

Published on July 15, 2016

With a push of a button, you can let anyone know if you are In or Out of the room. This could be used for Office Hours or even for students who leave the room to use the bathroom. The arrow and the light will let people know who is in and who is out. 

Duration: 20 minutes

How To Make It


Get Supplies I used cardboard for this project, but you could use a poster board if you want. Make sure the cardboard is thin enough to fit the servo through. I also used markers to make the sign and scissors to cut out the arrow. Tape is good for holding everything together.


Step 2 Attach the Arduino bit to your computer and upload the code provided. This is a simple button code I found on the littleBits website.


Assemble the litleBits Look at the picture and assemble the bits and place them on the mounting board.


Attach to your sign You will need to test the servo to see where it turns so that you can align the arrow and the servo so it points the correct way each time you hit the button. Once you have the servo lined up, attach the servo to the back of the sign and you are all set. Push the button and the watch the sign switch back and forth. The button is sensitive, so if you hold it down too long, it will bounce back to where it started.