Kissing Machine

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Never feel lonely on Valentine's Day again... build a littleBits kissing machine!

How To Make It


First, let's put together the circuit. Connect the following bits in this order: Power + Wire + DC Motor.


Then, we're going to build a "quick return" cam using the dc motor. To understand more about this mechanism, visit this website.


Attached are files to laser cut. We used both purple and clear 1/8" acrylic. Cut all pieces out.


Next, 3D print a shoulder piece that will allow your kissing machine to sit comfortably on your shoulder. Attached is .STL file you can use to 3D print.


Now, let's assemble the Kissing Machine. We used acrylic glue to adhere the structural pieces together. Glue parts A,B,C,D, and E (see diagram).


Place the Bits in the structure. The DC Motor goes on the top of part D. Be sure to stick the d-shaft through the hole provided for it. The power and the wire fit into the bottom cavity, and the power switch should be facing out. The feet of the Bits will snap directly into their corresponding holes in the bases of parts A and D.


Time to make the "quick return" cam. Glue parts F,F, and G together. Once dry, slide the cam onto the d-shaft of the DC Motor. It should fit snugly.


Cut two lengths of dowel to size. 1 7/8" and 1". Slide the longer dowel through part E. Before pushing the dowel all the way through part C, slide on 3 parts in this order: J, H, J. Now push the dowel all the way through part D and attach a J to both ends of the dowel that are sticking out.


Add the second dowel to the cam. Slide the dowel through part G, and secure with part K on the back side. Then place a J, the top slot of H, followed by another J to secure it.


Give it lips! Glue part I into the indent of part H. Affix a soft piece of lip shaped foam on top of part I. We used the laser cutter to get perfect shaped lips.


Let's cover it up. Glue a piece of felt onto a piece of posterboard. Cut it to size so that it covers the top of your Bit housing structure. Then stick it onto the structure. We used tiny glue dots to do this.


Attach the shoulder pad. Place an elastic strap in the cavity of top of the 3d printed shoulder pad. Then stick your kissing machine to the top of your shoulder pad using double-sided foam tape.


Apply lipstick to the lips of your little friend.


Now it's time to get romantic! Strap the Kissing Machine to your shoulder, dim the lights, and grab a bottle of wine. Flip the power switch on your kissing machine and feel oh so loved this Valentine's Day.

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