Light the Cauldron - BitOlympic Opening Ceremony

by jonny6

Published on August 8, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 BitOlympic Opening Ceremony where our LEGO minifigure circles the stadium and uses the BitOlympic torch to light the BitOlympic Cauldron.

This is a scaled down version of the Olympic Cauldron lighting using littleBits, LEGO, and lots of crafty supplies (construction paper, markers, tape, glue, etc.)

Duration: 6 hours

How To Make It


Create the main BitOlympic stadium We used a piece of thin (about 1/4 inch) scrap plywood for the stadium floor. A hole was drilled in the center to allow the DC motor to pass through. The motor was secured with ducktape to the underside of the board. We then attached our littleBits circuit to control the DC motor and ran it out one side. A small wood dowel was shaved down on one end so it fit in the connector on the DC motor. We made a LEGO carrier to attach the LEGO mini figure to the other end of the dowel. We decorated the BitOlympic stadium floor with colorful construction paper roughly showing the route our mini-fig would be carrying the torch to light the BitOlympic Cauldron. Then we made a bunch of LEGO block figures to watch the Opening Ceremony.


Create the BitOlympic Cauldron To create the BitOlympic Cauldron we designed a littleBits circuit that would light up low where our min-fig touches the torch, and high where the big flame is. A roller-switch was surrounded by LEGO to hold it steady when put it under our construction paper ramp on the stadium floor. The weight of the mini-fig on the top of the ramp is enough to trigger the roller-switch. The cauldron itself is made from two red plastic cups and a paper-towel tube. The circuit pieces were routed through the cups, along the side of the tube, and ended with the fan and bright LED in the top cup. The wires on the tube were covered with construction paper for a clean look.