Little bits Minecraft smart house

by vlab

Published on May 17, 2016

Whats up bitsters! Vlab here with my minecraft smart house made with a cloud bit module and minecraft.The cloud bit controls all types of things like:

  1. open/closes doors
  2. turns on/off the lights
  3. turns on/off the stairway
  4. A status light that shows if anyone is in the smart house 

Thank you so much for checking out my project and make sure to leave a comment!

Remember to keep on creating!

Duration: 6 hours

Credits: Vlabgaming

How To Make It


Add your button module Add a Button module to your power module


Add your cloudbit module Add your cloudbit module to your button


Add your wire module Add your wire module to your cloudbit module


Add your bright led module Add your bright led module to your wire module


Make sure to download the Bitcraft mod on the TechnicLauncher

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