3rd Place, Padawan Learner, littleBits Competition: Droid Inventor Kit - R2BCalm

by littleBits Admin

Published on April 6, 2018

CREATED BY: Hollister M.

CATEGORY: Padawan Learner


"I have Autism so I designed R2BCalm to help me stay calm in challenging situations. To help in crowded places I made a lightweight fidget spinner and attached it to a DC motor that is activated by a proximity sensor. I coded the code bit to control the LED matrix to show calming images. I chose the resistance symbol and R2BC. I used a sound trigger to control a bar graph that shows if it's loud so I know when to use my headphones. R2BCalm also has a pocket that holds a fidget cube and an extra charger in case my batteries get low. I really don't like having a low battery! The pocket and the fabric on R2BCalm are designed to be sensory friendly so I can pet them if I'm upset. I used the droid bit connected to a DC motor and servo to make R2BCalm move around. I sure had fun making R2BCalm. I hope you enjoy my video!"

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