Minecart Synth

by stan-littlebits

Published on November 18, 2015

Do you like Minecraft? Are you tired with the same ol' note block sounds? Spice up your Minecraft jams with this minecart synth! This project will show you how to make a minecart sequencer, and then connect it to your cloudBit and synth kit using bitCraft. It's still a work in progress, so if you have an idea to make this much cooler, or have any questions, drop by the Minecraft Bitsters forum.

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


Snap your circuit together This project uses USB power -> cloudBit -> Oscillator -> Synth Speaker


Connect your cloudBit Follow these instructions to connect your cloudBit to Minecraft:


Lay down your minecraft track Put tracks down in a circular shape (so the pattern will repeat itself). Place detector plates where you want your notes. I put booster tracks everywhere else so the minecart wouldn't slow down during it's ride.


Connect redstone wire to your detector plates Connect redstone wire to each of the detector plates you put down previously. The length of the wire will determine the note that is played: shorter wires will make higher notes, while longer wires will make lower notes, almost like plucking a string. You can make your wire as long as 15 blocks!

Short wires make high notes

Long wires make low notes


Connect the wires to the Cloud Gateway Place a Cloud Gateway block a the end of each wire, so the orange connector is facing the redstone wire. Make sure they're all set to "Transmit", and connected to the same cloudBit. As the minecart travels around the loop, your cloudBit should receive signals from all of the Cloud Gateway blocks.


Put a cart on your track to play your song Place a cart on your track and give it a push to hear the result! Try changing the wire lengths for different notes. Also, you can adjust the octave with the oscillator knob.

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