Mr. Whiskers

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

An interactive cat friend whose tail spins and eyes light up when you press his tongue!

How To Make It


First, let's build the circuit. Snap the Bits in the following order: power + wire + pressure sensor + vibration motor + wire + led + rgb led + wire + dc motor


Take the blue power module and connect the battery cable and 9V battery to it. Be sure that the teeny on/off switch on the power module is switched to "on".


Now let's make your cat. Print & cut out the template attached. The paper size is 11" x 17". We recommend cutting the cat out of a thick cardstock, chipboard, or cardboard. Use an xacto knife to cut around the lines ... or a laser cutter if you have access! Or if you do not want to use our template - get creative and make your own animal structure!


Tape or glue together the template using the tabs. The template has some instructions on where to place the Bits inside the cat. If you have different Bits at home, feel free to change up the circuit! 


The pressure sensor should slide through the hole of the cat's mouth. Use felt or construction paper to cover the pressure sensor to look like a tongue.


The vibration motor should be placed in the square hole near the cat's neck. Poke the vibration motor through the hole and then place a bell around the motor. If you don't have a bell, what else do you have that can make noise? Find a material around your house and attach it to the motor!


The led and rgb led should be placed behind the eye holes on your cat template. Use tape, glue, glue dots, or whatever you have to put them in place.


Now onto the dc motor. The dc motor has a D-shaped shaft that spins when you press the pressure sensor. We are going to attach a straw to the D-shaft to make the cat's tail twirl around. Cut a hole in the back of the cat to stick the shaft through.


To attach your cat's tail to the dc motor, we are going to use hot glue and a plastic straw. Cut a plastic straw the length that you want the tail to be. Then inside one end of the straw put a drop of hot glue. Then stick the draw on the D-shaft of the motor. Then decorate your tail! We glued a feather on top of ours.


Now that we have all of the Bits in place, your cat needs some character! Use markers to draw his face and craft materials to make his nose and ears. And don't forget his whiskers - we used pipe cleaners.


All done! Press your Mr. Whisker's tongue and watch his eyes light up and spin!

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