Perfect Shanghai Sandwich

by taweili

Published on April 23, 2014

Food is the most important element in Chinese culture. Shanghai being one of the biggest city in China has its long traditional and broad selection of foods. We mixed Shanghai Sandwich and Littlebits to bring one of the most famous breakfast of Shanghai to life.

Shanghai Sandwich is the perfect breakfast in Shanghai! It is one of the most famous local dishes with long tradition and full of flavors. Our project uses littleBits to help to make a perfect Shanghai Sandwich.

Credits: David Li, Nret Ni, Qichen He

How To Make It


Step 1. Get all the ingredients and materials ready. See the illustration we had as the recipe for the Shanghai Sandwich.


Step 2. Make the CiFanGao(rice patties). Shanghai Sandwich use pan to deeply fry sticky rice patties. We usually turn cooked sticky rice into delicious small blocks(dimension: 10cm/7cm/1.5cm). It is perfect golden and crispy. Itself, is one of the most popular breakfast choices for Shanghainese. 


Step 3. No Sandwich can be perfect without tomatoes. The perfect slices of tomatoes have to be consistent in its thickness. We took the help from littleBits to build a Perfect Cutting Board. The circuit is power+bending sensor+wire+bargraph. Based on different bending angle the bending sensor creates, the different number of LEDs can be lighted up on the bargraph bit.  We found out this system can be used to measure the thickness for cutting perfect slices of tomatoes. According to the order for the 5 LEDs to light, we can lean the kitchen knife to the bending sensor. While each LED light up, it approximately gives a 10mm slide of thickness every time from the tomato. 


Step 4. Everyone loves eggs. We want to add another typical Shanghai breakfast to our sandwich, which is called JiDanBing(like Omelet). Instead of using the traditional egg beater, we'd love to create one by ourselves. We used power+wire vibration motor+wire+vibration motor to build the circuit. We took a wood stick, two rubber band and a bended cotter to make the littleBits' egg beater. It turned out working really well!


Step 5. Even though ChaShao(Chinese BBQ pork) can be made at home but the process is difficult and time consuming. We buy ours from famous local Cantonese restaurants.


Step 6. Finally we wanna add some XiangCai(parsley) to add more texture and flavors.


Step7. Once we have all ingredients, we layer them one after another to make the Shanghai Sandwich.


Step 8. A perfect dish would of course needs a perfect waiter. We made our own littleBits' waiter to serve the sandwich. It was made by power + sound trigger + wire + DC motor+wire+DC motor. We used 2 Pololu wheels and an orange juice cap as the little car's wheels. Used layers of foam core to hold the plate for the sandwich. It will run to serve once we make a sound.


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