Remote Pet Feeder using just two boxes, tape, and little bits

by Jjjllybean

Published on March 16, 2015

This remote pet feeder is similar to others on little bit's maker's hub, but it uses materials you can easily find around the house.

How To Make It


Choose your materials. You can use what I did (a small cardboard box and a small to go container) or use what you have around the house. You basically need a base and a food box.


Assemble by attaching usb power + cloud bit+ wire(s) + servo


Put the usb + cloudbit + wire part of the module in the bottom of the box for stability. Cut a notch or hole into the bottom corner of the box for the power cord to run out. The wire is so thin you won't need to cut a hole for that, but you can.


Run the wire to the top of the box, add servo. At this point, you can either tape the servo to the box like I did or unscrew the servo arm from the servo, drill or punch a hole in the middle of the box and then reassemble the servo so the arm is outside and the servo is inside.


Cut a small hole on the side of the box you're using for treats/food. Tape the box to the servo arm. If you unscrewed the servo and drilled a hole in the base box, you can drill a hole in the servo box and put the servo arm inside the treat box.


Finally, go to Activate your cloud bit if you haven't and create a recipe for (if) SMS (then) Cloud Bit. You can set the SMS up to any phone and text anything you want to activate the feeder. I chose #feedkitty. Enjoy!!

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