Slot Machine

by DRabiner

Published on April 23, 2014

Check out Elan's slot machine: by combining 5 materials and 4 Bits, Elan constructed a machine to try his luck, and just maybe win big! 

Push the button to start the wheels spinning, then push it again to stop.  (You're taking a bigger chance if you close your eyes.)  While you might not win every time, it's a safe bet that you'll have a great time building your own machine!

Credits: Elan Rabiner

How To Make It


Make your circuit: Power - Button - Wire - Latch - DC Motor


Take a cardboard box and cut a rectangular shape in it.


Place the power Bit inside the bottom of the box. Cut a hole in the box and thread the cable and button through.


Cut a paper towel role in three parts and decorate them with marker. Use the same shapes/designs on every role so that you can get a jackpot when you play!


Cut the bottom off of 4 plastic cups


Place the plastic cup bottoms on the wooden dowel, alternating them with the decorated paper towel role


On one side of the cardboard box cut out, make a small hole for a pipe cleaner to thread through. On the other side, tape a DC motor with a motor mate. secure the wooden dowel with the pipe cleaners.


Connect the Bits at the bottom of the box to the DC motor via wire. Start playing!

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