Snore counter

by alexpikkert

Published on January 18, 2015

Are you snoring ?
No. I am not.
Yes you are.
Noho. No way.
I willl prove it. Watch the counter in the morning.
See ?

How To Make It


I used bits from the deluxe kit and the smart home kit.


First take a power supply bit. Maybe the usb power bit is the best to use, the counter needs power all night long..


Add the sound trigger bit and the number+ bit. The older number bit cannot be used because it cannot count. Set the sound trigger bit on maximum sensitivity by turning the setting  clockwise to the max. It will count all kinds of different sounds, so be sure your cat is sleeping somewhere else..


Ready. Put the counter where the counting shall be done. Have fun in the morning about the result.


In the movie I used a led bit for visual indication. It is better to delete this option, else a snoring person could wake up...


Note: The additional parts shown on the picture and in the movie are the new mp3 player and loudspeaker, I just used them for testing with some nice snoring sounds from the internet.

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