Sourcilometre / Browometer

by dailyTLJ

Published on April 23, 2014

Log your mood by setting your eyebrows!

Look into the mirror and adjust the moveable eyebrows according to your mood. By adding your name on the eyebrow scale you can let others know how you feel.

The mirror has been custom lastercut and engraved. The eyebrows were once a stick-on mustache.

Credits: Guy Snover Eva Schindling Jess Hart

How To Make It


Build Circuit: Power + Wire + Servo + Servo


Cut out eyebrows from the colored paper. Punch two holes into the plexiglass where the eyebrows should be.


Attach the eyebrows to string and mount the eyebrows on the plexiglass.


Mount the circuit on the back of the glass and make your face!

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