Taylor Swift's Tattoo Gun

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

The littleBits made their big debut in Taylor Swifts music video for "Everything Has Changed." The video follows two elementary school-aged school children as they fall in love decorating cookies, creating art projects and making tattoos with a littleBits/K'NEX tattoo gun.

In the spirit of play, we recreated this make-believe tattoo gun. This is a pretend play piece and is not functional. Below are the steps we took to create our tattoo gun. Feel free to customize these steps to make you own and share it on our projects page!

How To Make It


Use LEGO to build a stage for the K'NEX wheels to rest on


Thread the K'NEX wheels through using the K'NEX LEGO pieces that have holes.


Attach the wheel on the right to the dc motor shaft


Secure the K'NEX wheel that's attached to the dc motor with a plug. We made one using our 3D printer, but you can also mold one out of Sugru: Once the wheel is secured, make sure both are on the same plane before proceeding. Wrap rubber band around the wheels.


To make the shiny center of the gun, start by rolling two pieces of chipboard into small tubes. Wrap the tubes around the K'NEX posts. Cover the tubes with aluminum foil


Build a platform for the K'NEX posts to thread through and for the foil tubes to rest.


Secure the K'NEX posts at the bottom of the platform with K'NEX wheels and stoppers.


Build a LEGO column that connects the top and bottom of the structure


Connect some K'NEX Posts to the LEGO column and secure the ball point pen


Now, it's time to make the K'NEX wheels move! Secure the battery to the top portion of the gun, near the DC motor. We used glue dots to secure it. Then, secure the power Bit to the base of the gun and thread the battery cable to it and plug in. Take the wire Bit and connect the DC motor and power Bits together


It's time to play!

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