The first virtual Rube-Goldberg Machine

by matthias.m.wolf

Published on March 23, 2015

This is the first prototype of a virtual Rube-Goldberg Machine, meaning that certain parts of the chain reaction are taking place in virtual space a.k.a. "The Internet".

This machine is started by using a pull-back car out of LEGO, pulling a string, turning some gears, pushing a button, which starts a littleBits DC motor, plus a blinking electroluminescent wire. The motor opens a gate, plastic balls drop into a cardboard duct which moves a kind-of scales, triggering a sound sensor.

This turns on a light and posts a message on Twitter via the littleBits cloudBit and an IF recipe, which then makes the light in my bedroom blink.

Wouldn't it be awesome to build a worldspanning Rube-Goldberg Machine? Who wants to join?


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