The Monster Book of Monsters

by sagradafamilia

Published on November 28, 2016

The Monster Book of Monsters

Science is the new magic


Every year, we organize a Hackathon with my brothers and each of our families. By this event, we try to transmit to our kids the joy of coding that we’ve known in our childhood, writing hours of code with our parents on a Commodore 64, in a time where computers had really littles bytes of memory.


Speaking of bytes, this year we’ve discovered the LittleBits project, the easiest way for everyone to learn the basics of electronic and the fastest way to transform ideas into real prototypes. Since our kids range from 7 to 13 years old, it’s always a challenge to make an activity where everyone can be involve at his own level. Littlebits was a hit.


In almost an hour, we’ve manage to pick a challenge, make some brainstorming and explore the possibilities that the Gizmos and Gadgets Kit had to offer. We’ve decide to go for the Harry Potter challenge and we’ve choose to build a Monster Book of Monsters.


Basically, it’s a book that crawl on the floor while clapping jaws. We’ve decide to add a magic wand that will command the book in a twist of a hand, litteraly. The book is moving with two motors with wheels, the cover open with the servo motor and all theses bits are connect to the wand by a homemade extension wire. The wand is essentially a battery with a tilt switch glued on a wristband.


To simplify the process of construction, we’ve divide the group into smaller team to work on the book’s cover, the mechanicals parts and the wand. We also assign someone on the photos and videos, to be sure every moment was documented.


After a couple of hours of trials and errors, we’ve drop some small ideas and come up with a very convincing Monster Book. The book was not as fast as we would like, but it was very funny and realistic, our goal was achieve.


We had a very creative time with our kids, thanks to LittleBits !


*** We’ve planned to use a homemade Arduino Bit but we’ve change our mind since we were short in time. Instead, we’ve download a piezo song of the Harry Potter theme into the Arduino just to add some fun to the introduction video of the project.



Duration: 4 hours

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