The Mother's Day Wheel o' Fun

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

The greatest gift you can give the mother in your life is quality time. We believe that the best gifts keep giving. So, we made The Mothers's Day Wheel O' Fun. Create one of your own to make spending time with your family even more enjoyable. 

How To Make It


Step 1. Find a round  box in your recycling bin. The various boxes that are pictured were found in the littleBits' kitchen. The best candidates were cheese and nut boxes. 


Step 2. is pictured in the gallery, see "circuit". Assemble your circuit: power + wire + button + fan.


Step 3. Use scissors or a x-acto blade to make a hole in the center of the box top. Cut a small hole on the side of the box too, this is where you'll be able to trigger the power switch. 


Step 4. Use glue dots, double sided tape or a hot glue gun to mount the fan on the top of the button bit. Make sure you are using the back side of the fan (the one without the tag) is facing up. 


Step 5. Place your circuit inside the box. Make sure the center of the fan is aligned with the center of the box cover


Step 6. Create your own Mother's Day Wheel o' Fun graphic. We put our favorite family activities on the wheel we made, but you can customize your own! l If you would like to use the graphic we created, you can download the attached file "Mother's Day Wheel o' Fun_graphic.pdf". Make sure to resize the graphic based on your box radius.


Step 7. Cut a hole at the center of your graphic and paste it to the cover of the box. Cut out the spinner graphic too and attach it to the cardboard. Find some material to create a cylindrical shape that connects the spinner and the fan Bit. We used an air dry clay called Sugru.


Step 8. Turn on the power and tilt the wheel to trigger the spinner.  Let mom decide how she wants to spend the day!

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