Toilet Paper Dispenser: Sheet Saver #Shapebits

by nickweinberg

Published on February 28, 2015

Enough is enough! Saving trees one sheet at a time.

Our team constructed a touch-free toilet paper dispenser. The goal is to save trees by controlling the amount dispensed while also logging usage. Specifically, when the motion trigger is activated, a DC motor dispenses toilet paper for a short period of time. Simultaneously, the cloudBit sends a notification to IFTTT, which increments the toilet paper usage. By avoiding excessive toilet paper usage and recording usage, we hope to bring awareness to a mundane daily task. Conserving how much paper we use is one step that each of us can take to do our part in combating deforestation.

If we were to win the makeathon, we would like to 3-D print a mold / container for the toilet paper dispenser.

- Team Sheet Smart (a group of smart sheeters)

Credits: Bianca R. Chris L. Daniela N. Jack and Jude Nick W. Stephanie C.

How To Make It


USB Power -> Motion Trigger -> Branch -> 1) Timeout -> Wire -> DC Motor 2) LED -> cloudBit

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