Toilet Paper Subscription Helper


Published on March 4, 2015

Toilet paper subscription helper monitors your toilet paper usage and calculates the best date for your next delivery. It notifies you through text message. This prototype is meant to be a part of a big iOT home network that connects household data, A.I., smart gadgets, iOT services, and eCommerce services together.
The current prototype is made quickly and iteratively with Littlebits. After understanding the way Cloudbit works in the Littlebits universe, I have to modify the original idea which involves sending dynamic message to users. The final prototype sends you a text message when your remaining toilet papers, based on data collected,are enough to last 3.5 days. I made 2 more prototypes prior to the final ones in order to test the custom light sensor which is critical to this project, and to tweak the iOT system so it works with the limitations provided by the Cloudbit and IFTTT.

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