Valentine's Hack-a-bear

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

A teddy bear with some flair whose heart beats for you <3

How To Make It


Let's begin by building the circuit! Connect the following Bits in this order: Power + Light Wire + Wire + Pulse + Bright LED.


Open your stuffed animal from the back. You can use scissors or a craft knife to cut a slit. This is where you will place the Bits.


Remove some of the stuffing. Don't worry, we'll put it back once we're done.


Now it's time to add a felt heart to the tummy. Cut a circular hole out of the front of your stuffed animal. Then cut a circle out of felt that is just a bit larger than the hole on your stuffed animal. You can cut a heart out of the center of this circle and place a different colored piece of felt behind it. Using your needle and thread, stitch the two pieces of felt together, and then stitch the felt circle to your bear's tummy.


Now let's add some flair with the Light Wire. Place the circuit inside your bear. Poke the Light Wire out and back in through your bear's fur to trace its feet, ears, eyes, mouth, and tummy. You can make a few stitches with your needle and thread around the Light Wire to hold it in place.


Place the Pulse and Bright LED directly in front of the felt heart on the inside of your bear.


Now you can re-stuff your bear and stitch up its back. Be sure to leave a small hole so you can access the power switch.


Flip the power switch and light up your bear to make this Valentine's Day extra special!

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