You Turn Me on Night Light #INVENTANYTHING

by Gayle R

Published on April 23, 2015

I turned a paper house into a bitified night light.

How To Make It


I purchased rainbow paper and laser printed a constellation map on one side. I found a digital template for creating a house and printed it on the other side of the paper.


Following the template lines, I cut out the windows, hole where a chimney might go and the sides of the house. I then folded and taped the sides of the house using double stick tape.


I connected the Bits and used Blue Tac [art putty] to attach the Light Sensor to the inside of the roof : 9V Battery + Power Bit + Wire + Light Sensor + Wire + Bright LED + Bargraph


I found the Light Sensor to be a little bit too sensitive sometimes and wish I could adjust it like a Sound Sensor Bit.